Background Information

The formation of APSA was originated from a young security professional in Bangkok, Thailand. In mid 1992, Mr. Sombat Pinsang decided to realize his dream of establishing a security association for Asian Countries. At his own expenses, Sombat started in Bangkok in unifying security professionals. He traveled to various Southeast Asian cities and countries to establish personal contacts with local security veterans. Finally, his course and goodwill was recognized by many key figures who offered tremendous support to the founding of APSA.

The APSA was officially founded in Bangkok, Thailand in March, 1994 following the successful holding of the First Asian International Security Conference with 13 participating countries, namely, Japan, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Israel, South Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand.

APSA - HK Chapter engages in promoting professional security within the security industry in Hong Kong. It assist the exchange of information, expertise and technology in the promotion of professionalism in Industrial Security. In recent years, APSA - HK Chapter has co-organizer security training courses with local education institutes.

The objectives of the Association are as follows:
  1. To make APSA as the center for international members in the promotion of Industrial Security.
  2. To make APSA as the center for communication aimed at establishing goodwill, unity and mutual understanding.
  3. To make APASA as the center for exchange of information, expertise and technology in the promotion of professionalism Industrial Security.
  4. To make APSA a conduit for each member-Government in the promotion of peace, cooperation and international stability.
The main purpose of the establishment:
  1. Contact all over the world the security industry practitioners
  2. Entered into the standard of quality and training of the personnel of the security industry
  3. Improve the service level of the security industry
  4. Technical and security knowledge exchange with other Security Association

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