Continuing Professional Development
Among the structured programmes of CPD, APSA's flagship services of Prescribed Courses are continually organised, enhanced, promoted and supported.
About Continuing Professional Development C.P.D.
1. Overall Objective

As Professional Security Staff is crucial to the development of security industry and the economy at large and as Professional Security Staffs are ultimately responsible for security industry, The Asian Professional Security Association-Hong Kong Chapter (APSA HK) encourages all Security Staffs to remain up-to-date with Security Staff practices and advocates the pursuit of continual professional development by Security.

2. What Is Continuing Professional Development ("CPD")?

CPD refers to the acts and processes with which one acquires state-of-the-art knowledge and skills beneficial to continuing practice. Such processes include structured programmes and unstructured tasks. Activities of structured programmes may be in the format of formal participation in a training course or an event or a project or an assignment, whereas activities of unstructured tasks cover self-directed studies.

3. Programme Offers Of APSA

Target audiences for APSA's programme offers include:-

Established, Security companies, security industry companies, organizations, or security work-related professionals and persons engaged in security work, as well as young people with potential qualified security management, as well as persons interested in the activity.

Both members and non-members, in the interest of promoting professionalism among security society-wide. Majority of the programmes are open to members and non-members, whereas some programmes are for members exclusively to participate in.
Depending on target groups, APSA's CPD programmes are designed with different levels of depth to suit the following purposes:-
  • generating awareness of the role and responsibilities of security staff and the need for training;
  • enhancing the professional competence of security;
  • updating knowledge on trends and best security practices;
To facilitate security professionals in acquiring knowledge and skills, APSA offers structured programmes in formal courses, seminars, conferences and meetings as follows:-
For members and non-members
  • Training courses in seminar settings, in modules of 3-3.5 hours each.
  • Speaker meetings at luncheon and dinner, typically sessions of 1-2 hours each.
  • Professional talks, typically 1-hour sessions.
  • Outreach talks to specific groups.
For members only
  • Workshops for experience sharing.
  • Opportunities for delivery of a talk on a relevant subject.
  • Opportunities for authoring a paper on a relevant subject.
  • Opportunities for organizing and designing an event or a project.
Training Programmes
  • Diploma in Security Management Course
  • Train the Trainer Course
  • Certificate of Security Supervisor Studies
  • Security System Installation and Design Application Course
  • Security Course (Housing Contract) Training Course
  • Security Guard Basic Training Course (QAS)
  • VIP Protection Course
Speaking Meetings
APSA's speaker meetings feature talks by distinguished government and Security business leaders and authoritative. scholars

Speaker meetings are usually 1-hour in duration, held every 2-3 months.
Professional Talks
Held after office hours, APSA's professional talks aim to provide attendees with the knowledge or information that is relevant to the fulfillment of security roles and duties.

Examples of previous topics included:-

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