Member-get-Member Campaign
Join hands in driving our membership forward ‐ Member‐Get‐Member Campaign:

Towards Another Milestone In Membership
Values of Becoming an APSA (Hong Kong Chapter) Member
  • Availability of Continuing Professional Development programmes.
  • Up‐to‐date information on security practices.
  • Collective voice on security issues.
  • Recognition as a member of a progressive premier body representing security.
  • Friendship and networking opportunities in a multi‐cultural international environment.

The Asian Professional Security Association (Hong Kong Chapter) is increasing momentum in its membership drive. Members are encouraged to introduce friends, work associates and relatives who are eligible for membership and who share the same ideals in the promotion of good security, in the pursuit of continuing professional development for security and in sharing the benefits of networking and working together.

The Membership Application Form may be photocopied or downloaded from our website for distribution to potential members. Alternatively, a member may instruct our Secretary Office to forward introductory materials to a potential member by completing and faxing the “Proposal For Membership” form below.

As a token of appreciation for a member who successfully sponsors a new member, the Association is pleased to present to the sponsor a piece of APSA pins.

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