Terms for self-employed members
'Self-employed' - members who are sole principals, partners or directors of a company, practice or firm.
3.1 Members must not act for a client if there is any conflict between their own professional duty or professional interests and the interests of the client.
3.2 Before accepting a commission members must check whether there is likely to be a conflict between the interests of the potential client and any existing client and should inform both parties to this effect. The commission should only be accepted if both parties agree to this.
3.3 Members must ensure that all services provided by their organisation are carried out in accordance with the Code even when undertaken by staff who are not Association members.
3.4 Members must ensure that, if Association membership details are shown on any lists of the partners, directors and/or staff of their organisation, these membership details are correctly stated and not used in a way as to suggest that staff who are not members, or the organisation itself, are entitled to use the designation.

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