Notes on Membership Applications
Membership category
Life Member
All Chartered Members are Life Members. Individual Member is eligible to become Life Member by paying to the Association subscription as from time to time determined by Ordinary Resolution and the application shall be approved or disapproved by the Executive Committee at its absolute discretion thinks fit.
Corporate Member
i. Legal incorporated company, firms, associations, organizations or body of persons corporate or incorporate engaged in manufacturing, supply, trading, marketing and distributing, commissioning, maintenance of security, materials, accoutrements, equipment and services to the security industry shall be eligible to become a Corporate Member.
ii. Professional security associations or federations of security organizations.
Individual Member
i. Any management and executive staff, whether employed full-time or part-time in any proprietary security organization, contract security organization in a position related to or in-charge of security, loss prevention, risk management and safety duties and responsibilities is eligible to become an Individual.
ii. Any retired senior officer of disciplinary services or retired senior military officer is eligible to become an Individual.
iii. Any person who is employed as a manager or executive of a security equipment manufacturing, supply, installation and maintenance, commissioning company or security auditing, consultancy and investigation agency is eligible to become an Individual.
Company's business
"Security business" (Security Service) refers to any of the following activities-
Specifically, the security company's business scope has two main blocks, first, labor security services, including security guard, escort, patrol and security of major events and other services. Second, security technology services, including developed, developing and sales of security products, security technology engineering design, installation and maintenance, and security technology to prevent the consulting, security assessment services, etc.
Personal Data Rights
Applicants have a right of access and correction with respect to personal data as provided for in sections 18 and 22 and principle 6 of Schedule 1 of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance. Right of access includes the right to obtain a copy of personal data provided by the Membership Application Form. Inquiries and requests regarding access and correction can be directed to the Secretary Office of APSA.
Personal data are collected by APSA for all purposes in connection with and for all activities of APSA. Selected particulars of ASPA membership data are published from time to time in a membership directory circulated among members for networking purposes. A member may elect to be excluded from listing in the membership directory by written request to APSA.

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