Scope of Work
Standards & Professionalism

APSA–HK Chapter is committed to enhancing security management standards. Our strategic programmes aim to serve both members and the community at large.

APSA-HK Chapter is committed to developing policies on security and security management practices with the aim of making influential proposals to public policy makers and opinion formers. APSA conducts regular consultations with members, followed by careful reviews to put forward consolidated considered opinions as a collective voice.

APSA–HK Chapter is in regular contact with legislators, government, regulators, the business community and the media in order to foster effective communication.

In the spirit of service, APSA–HK Chapter contributes by providing representatives to serve on the advisory structures of government, regulatory bodies and other professional groups.

Events & Networking

Membership of APSA offers opportunities to meet and network with security manager from across all security sectors.

APSA-HK Chapter runs a host of events for members and their guests, including speaker luncheons and dinners. These events feature talks by distinguished government and business leaders and authoritative scholars in addition to informal outings.

Mainland & International

APSA organises regular outreach delegations to the Mainland and overseas, visiting authorities and kindred organisations to extend goodwill, share experiences, exchange views, develop cooperation and maintain friendship.

As an independent body, APSA retains an affiliation with the APSA and kindred relationship with equivalent associations in Japan, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Israel, South Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand countries. From time to time, international conferences are organised by these institutes, and members of APSA are welcome to participate in such worldwide assemblies.

APSA has been accredited as "Part of the PSA International Network".

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